Interim Finance

Interim Finance

Is your organization in need of temporary expertise or support in the Finance department? Ypsylon HR Group offers interim Finance solutions for your organization. Whether it's temporary replacement for your Controller or Finance Manager, implementing a new ERP system, or guiding internal and external financial audits, our Finance professionals are ready to assist you!

Hiring an interim Finance specialist.

Has your Controller or Finance Manager gone on temporary leave, such as maternity leave? Or do you require temporary expansion in the Finance department?

In that case, please fill out the contact form or call for a non-committal conversation.

Personal and quick

Thanks to our personalized approach, we are able to quickly introduce the right Finance Professional to you, who possesses specific knowledge and experience in your industry. Our interim Finance professionals are not only experts in their field but also have a minimum of 5 years of experience as interim professionals. As a result, our Finance professionals have developed great adaptability, enabling them to make an immediate contribution to your organization.

Customized solution

The right interim professional gives your organization a boost when needed. Our professionals can provide support as a Financial Controller, Business Controller, Project Controller, or CFO. Whatever you are looking for, we find an interim professional who aligns with the specific needs and core values of your organization. We do this through a personal intake interview and a careful selection process.

Discover today how our experienced Finance Professionals can support your organization. Contact us via the contact form or call for a non-committal conversation. 

Heeft u een Interim Finance specialist nodig?
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    When we were in search of temporary assistance to bolster our team, we turned to Ypsylon HR Group for help. Within three business days, they introduced us to an enthusiastic interim Finance Professional. Thanks to their swift service, the Finance Professional could start within just two weeks. We are very satisfied with the support we received from Ypsylon HR Group!

    Swift and efficient placements through our personalized service.

    Extensive network of Finance professionals with a minimum of 5 years of interim work experience.

    Customized solutions tailored to the needs of your organization.

    Kwaliteitsgarantie door onze grondige selectieprocedure en ervaren professionals.

    Flexibility in assignment duration and weekly hours, depending on your needs.

    We mediate for:

    Benefits of an interim professional:

    • Flexibility
      Our Interim Finance Professionals provide organizations with flexibility as they can quickly adapt to changing circumstances.
    • Expertise
      Thanks to their years of experience with various companies, our Interim Finance Professionals can make a significant contribution to your organization.
    • Cost savings
      Our Interim Finance Professionals are available for a short duration and can immediately undertake various projects that work cost-effectively.
    • Time-saving
      Our Interim Finance Professionals work quickly and efficiently due to their extensive experience in similar organizations.
    • Objectivity
      Our Interim Finance Professionals are often more objective and independent since they have no direct affiliation with your organization. This can lead to more effective solutions for your specific Finance-related challenges.
    • Knowledge transfer
      Our interim Finance Professionals can transfer their knowledge to permanent employees. This can lead to improved Finance processes, contributing to the growth and development of your organization.

    Cheerful, sociable, and positive are characteristics that describe me. I thoroughly enjoy building on our family business every day. With over 15 years of experience in labor mediation, I understand the demands of our services and can quickly facilitate communication between clients and Interim Professionals.

    Daniël Charmes
    Managing Partner Recruitment & Interim / Senior Consultant

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