The current shortage on the labor market makes it necessary to use various instruments to fill vacant positions in the middle and higher segment. Within Ypsylon HR Group we have extensive experience in filling positions for middle management and senior management.

The wishes of you as a client must be completely clear at the start of every search process. In an in-depth interview with the stakeholders of your organization, various points of attention are discussed;

  • the company, the market in which it operates and the activities of the organization are discussed.
  • the job description is sharpened and deepened.
  • the relevant competences are mapped.
  • the primary and secondary employment conditions are discussed.
  • the positions, sectors and companies where potential candidates may be employed are exchanged.
  • the recruitment strategy and the timetable are determined and recorded.
Why choose Ypsylon:
  • Specialist in HR en Finance
  • Specialist in IT en Sales & Marcom
  • Middle management positions from 60k
  • Senior management positions from 90k
  • Seasoned Senior Recruiters
  • Broad labor market expertise
  • Versatile multi-channel approach
  • Intensive process support from a to z
  • In-depth analysis with stakeholders

Ypsylon HR Group uses a multi-channel approach. A wide variety of recruitment channels are used; not only discreetly approaching candidates, using online and social media, but also as a result of long-established and maintained (network) relationships with candidates. As a result, we are in an excellent position to find the right candidate for your organization.

Ypsylon HR Groep relieves you of the entire recruitment and selection process; from intake to appointment and evaluation.

We will communicate thoroughly and carefully throughout all stages of the process. This means that we will inform candidates, as well as you and keep them informed, conduct a powerful face-to-face interview with the candidates and send good complete candidate introductions. This guarantees that the right person ends up in the right place.

Do you have questions? We are happy to help you.
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