Development programs

Your employees have an ongoing development need

Your organization is constantly changing and this also accounts for the demands your employees have to deal with. This means there is a continuous need for development. As an organization you also want to support your employees in their further professional career and personal development. They feel challenged by this and will continu to grow, thereby increasing their value for your organization. It is therefore important to have insight into the learning and development potential of your employees, so you can initiate concrete actions and thus create perspective for your employees.

Our programs focus on teaching practical skills. On the one hand we look at personal development and learning potential of the participant. On the other hand we look at the context in which participants work and the objectives.

Our programs consist of offering insight into theory, development potential and skill level. We want to empower participants and help them continue their personal growth to maximize their potential and strengthen their skills.

Why choose Ypsylon:
  • Experienced trainers
  • Practical and tailor made
  • Young, medior and senior professionals
  • Potential for development and behavioral change
  • Leadership, Sales, Personal development
  • Diversity & Inclusion Program
  • Programs, workshops and training

Depending on the level of the managers, the specific context and objectives, we determine a framework for a program.

Programma´s voor

It is your directors and senior leaders who must ensure that your organization is effective and ready for the future.

Programs for Sales and Commercial positions

In a highly competitive world your commercial key players must perform at their best to create commercial opportunities and become succesful.

Programs for
Diversity & Inclusion

In the current time in which we live, it is becoming more common that there is diversity in the workplace.

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