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Change from within

Ypsylon stands for change from within. We use our expertise to make a thorough and objective analysis of our customers' issues.

We are transparent in this process, so that our customers remain involved in the entire process. Helping our customers is our priority, so that they can focus on their core business.

Progress means to look in a different way

From our analysis we provide specific advice on possible routes to tackle the issue. 


As an independent party, we look at existing processes and structures and we challenge our customers to try new paths and look at issues with different "glasses". Together with you we determine an approach to achieve your objectives.

Core values

For all our customers we work on the basis of our core values:

  • Knowledgeable
  • Concerned
  • Transparent
  • Integrity

Equality and entering into lasting relationships with our clients and candidates are central at Ypsylon.

Quality: We apply the codes of conduct and professional codes of the NIP, RIM, Noloc and NVP in our services.

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We believe in building longlasting relationships. This means openness, transparency, involvement, genuine interest, being constructively critical and confronting if necessary.

Only by working very well with our customers we can achieve optimum results. We therefore place a great deal of emphasis on all our employees on establishing sustainable relationships with our customers and stakeholders.

Practical and result-oriented

We combine various expertise in our services to create a balanced and integrated approach that offers the most added value for our customers.

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The starting point is always that, in addition to a thorough and complete analysis, the methodology used must always lead to practical and usable results for our customers, so that the intended objectives are actually achieved. After completing a process at Ypsylon, we evaluate the collaboration, because we always strive for the highest customer satisfaction and to improve our own services.

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