Assessment Center

Our assessment center offers extensive possibilities for issues related to suitability, potential determinations and development issues.

You want to recruit the right employees so that your organization can continu to grow. You also want to make the best possible use of your employees' potential. It is not easy to get a deeper insight in your employees, but nonetheless it is very important while they do determine the success of your organization.

How do you find out who your executives of the future are? How do you find out whether your managementteam has sufficient strategic capacity and innovative strength? Who are your potential commercial talents? How do you gain insight into the learning potential of your employees?

When you have insight into where you people stand in their development, what specific points for attention are and what the development potential is, you can take targeted actions to facilitate your employees in their future development.

Why choose Ypsylon:
  • NIP Psychologists
  • Fast and flexible planning
  • 100% customized - incl. Reports
  • Very extensive testing options; including emotional intelligence, cultural intelligence
  • Proven and scientific
  • Online and multilingual
  • Larger groups / projects
  • Test locations locally

Our assessment methodology is aimed at creating a correct picture of a candidate from different perspectives, so that an objective and complete picture is obtained and substantiated statements are made about suitability, potential and development of candidates.

Our method is personal
We focus on the candidate during the assessment and pay a lot of attention to the feedback of the results, so that the recognisability and acceptance level is high. We do everything to make the assessment a positive and educational experience for the candidate.

We are flexible and understand your priorities
Within Ypsylon, we are well aware that speed in the process is sometimes highly required. Thanks to our flexible working method, we are always able to schedule assessments on short notice.

Ypsylon works with a national team of psychologists who all work according to the guidelines and codes of conduct of the NIP. We work with scientifically based instruments and the majority of these are COTAN certified. After each assessment, a satisfaction survey takes place to guarantee quality. Our assessments are multilingual and can be used on multiple levels.

In addition to individual issues, we have a great deal of experience with conducting assessments with larger groups in a relatively short period of time. We then use a project-based approach, whereby we take care of the planning and internal communication. Our assessments always result in a practically useful report for candidate and client.

We also offer specific programs for: Executives, Career, Coaching, and Vitality

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