Various reasons can be a cause of employees becoming redundant. Sometimes organizations are dealing with restructuring and other times it's better for both sides to say goodbye and end the work relationship.

You want to prevent a lot of commotion and it has great added value for your organization if you can say goodbye to employees in an appropriate way. In order for the process to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible for you as an employer and for the employee, it is important to set up the process clearly, taking into account internal and external mobility. A transparent and constructive process increases the likelihood of employer and employee separating on good terms.

We always offer tailor-made programs with a very clear focus on finding a new suitable job or challenge. We use the capabilities of our assessment center and utilize the expertise of Ypsylon recruitment. This allows us to give a realistic perspective to participants about the current situation on the labor market.

We like to think along with you in this process and believe that when the right steps are taken in time this offers the most favorable outcome for both employee and employer. This way you can avoid annoying legal proceedings and save on unnecessary costs.

You can use our outplacement services for:

  • Shaping the process around internal and external mobility
  • Practical and result-oriented outplacement for employees

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