Our success formula - Applying effectively!

Are you looking for a new career perspective? Have you lost your job or are you in danger of losing your job? How do you deal with this and how do you find a suitable workplace?

This is a different process for everyone. Where one person is already ready for a new step, the other is still in "shock" of the news and there is uncertainty about the future. What is wisdom when you are in danger of ending up in such a situation? We have years of experience in supporting people that have lost their job and had to look for a new challange.

We work with specialists and have developed a success formula that will help you to bring out the best of you and work with a tailor-made plan to find a job that is 'future proof'.

A personal approach is central to our processes, since the starting point is different for each participant. We always offer tailor-made programs with a very clear focus on finding a new suitable job or challenge.

We help you to apply effectively by taking the right actions and creating structure in the process. This ensures that you have time for matters that give you energy and job stress can be avoided. The result of this is that you are energetic and at your best when you participate in an application process.

Why choose Ypsylon:

  • Coaching by NIP Psychologist and Senior Recruiter
  • Personal approach and tailor-made solutions
  • Practical and result-oriented
  • Combination of three areas of expertise; psychology, commerce and recruitment
  • Success formula - applying effectively
  • Extensive Assessment Center
  • Access to real time job finder

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