Through our careful approach we still find the right candidate

Through our careful approach we still find the right candidate

In the current tight labor market it is becoming increasingly difficult to fill strategic vacancies. In order to find the right candidates, an active and careful approach is crucial. We as Ypsylon do this by working thoroughly, both with regard to preparation/research, as well as screening profiles and approaching candidates with appropriate content. This 'trigger text' must be experienced as interesting and confidence-inspiring by the prospective candidates. This way you immediately arouse interest.

“How does this 'searching' work in concrete figures?”

For example, after screening up to hundreds of candidates based on the client's criteria, we are left with 24-48 potential candidates. If they are approached properly by a reliable sender (the candidate often checks this), the response is on average 30 percent (8 to 16 candidates).

Of these, on average up to 1/3 is interested in the vacancy (about 3 to 5 candidates = actually the shortlist). We start the interview process with these candidates. After all, at the end of the elimination race, only a few suitable candidates need to be left, from which the client selects the favorite candidate.

In short, by working thoroughly, we often succeed in filling important vacancies for our clients.

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